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Can I purchase my ticket in advance?

You are just a call away from the experience of your life. Call Mr. John or book your sit from the website, no need to worry about the payment as this part comes at the end of the tour.

What does the walking tour include?

This full day tours includes, sightseeing, walk at the beach, church visits, and off course free time at the city, the beach and most important the Famagusta View point. You can also have a lunch, coffee or anything you want at your own cost.

Can I cancel my tickets?

You can cancel your tickets/sits, 2 days in advance with no extra charge.

Are tours 'child friendly'?

Of course, all kids and children are welcome to the tour as we talk about a very educational and interesting tour.

How many different languages are offered?

The main Language is English, but upon request, Mr. John can give you some information also in Russian and Greek.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

Unfortunately, no, the tour can be payed only in cash.

What are the start and finish times of the tours?

10:00 am- 16:00 pm, 11:00 am - 17:00 pm choose what works best for you and mention it when booking. You will be informed by Mr. John about the availability of the selected hours.

Will we get to see all the major attractions?

Of course, this tour included everything a visitor must see and visit. All the major attractions from churches to hotels, to stadiums, schools and all the amazing sights Famagusta has

Can I hire a bus for an event?

Mr. Johns mini bus is available for books, or transportation from airports to your hotel, or any kind off need upon request and of course availability.

Where we can find Mr. John?

Except for phone calls messages or websites, Mr. John stands with his mini bus opposite the Sunrise Pearl Hotel in Protaras from 20:00pm to 23:00pm every night.

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